One Man’s War

The chapters of the book can be read on this  web site. They are in the common .pdf format (portable document format), and most computers have the Adobe PDF reader software already installed. If you cannot read  the chapters, you can download a free copy of Adobe PDF reader.

There are other free pdf readers, which can be downloaded by anyone, and here are two of them

Nuance PDF Reader, which  is faster and requires less disk space and memory than Adobe

Foxit PDF reader, which enables you to add notes, highlight text, draw lines and make other additions.

Here are two free eBook readers which let you create libraries of eBooks, and have comprehensive eBook reading features

Adobe Digital Editions,enables you to read eBooks from most sources, as well as pdf files, and lets you create a library of eBooks.

Calibre eBook Management not only does the same as Adobe Digital Editions, but also enables you to convert eBooks from one format to another, and to convert your own Word files into eBooks

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Calibre eBook Management